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e-TICKET for the Dominican Republic

Visitors to the Dominican Republic must obtain two e-Tickets:

  • for arrival to the Dominican Republic
  • for leaving the Dominican Republic

The e-Tickets are obligatory. They are issued by the Dominican Republic government and aim to track the entry and exit flow of visitors. The two documents can be obtained by completing a single application.

IMPORTANT: The Arrival e-Ticket for the Dominican Republic is not a travel visa. Those travellers who need a traditional visa to enter the country will still need to present it along with their e-Tickets.


Trip Purpose:

Vacation, sports, education, cultural events, business.

e-Ticket Validity:

Single use. Valid for the whole stay.

Delivery Time:

Several hours after successful payment.


USD 22$

Application Process:

Online application process.
e-Tickets sent via email

The Dominican Republic e-Ticket is an online travel document tracking the entry and exit tourists and local citizens to and from the island. Obtaining a clear perspective of the movement is important for the government of the Dominican Republic in order to ensure the citizens and tourists’ safety.

THREE Documents in ONE

Mandatory to all – tourists and local citizens regardless the reason of travel, nationality, or other travel requirements.

Entry & Exit Form

Health Affidavit

Customs Declaration

The Dominican Republic Arrival and Departure e-Tickets are under the form of QR Codes. The QR Codes are sent by email several hours upon successful payment. It is important to print a hard copy of the files in order to present them when requested.


1. Easy & Short Application

Visit the application page and complete the needed information: email, names, and passport number, flight and accommodation details.

2. Online Secure Payment

Pay with debit or credit card using our secure platform.

3. e-Ticket Sent by Email

Get your e-Tickets under the form of a QR Code directly to your email. Download them so you can show them upon arrival.


What is the Dominican Republic e-Ticket?

The Dominican Republic e-Tickets are two documents, obligatory to everyone wishing to travel to and exit the Dominican Republic. These are official documents obtained by all travellers regardless of their nationality or purpose of visit.

Their purpose is to track the visitors’ flow to the country and to ensure the well-being and safety of the island’s travellers and citizens. By submitting the asked in the application form personal details, Dominican Republic’s visitors help the local authorities to effectively manage customs, migration, and health-related procedures.

Mandatory to present an entry and exit documents, the failure to do so will result in serious complications during the entry process.

To obtain your Dominican Republic e-Tickets, you can either apply via the government-led website or use our platform Our dedicated Customer Service available 24/7 will assist you in successfully completing the DR e-Ticket application form. Then, we will send your unique QR Code to the email address you have provided.

Who must complete the online Dominican Republic Travel application form?

The Dominican Republic Authority has made it mandatory for all visitors, regardless of their age to present their own eTickets for arriving and leaving the country.

To make the process easier and faster, you can choose to make a group application inserting all the members of your travel party. They can be family, partners, friends or even just colleagues. This way, you will save time and effort, and will avoid the annoying repeating of the same information.

How long can I stay with the approved Arrival eTicket?

The QR Code representing your arrival DR eTicket is valid for a single entry only and is applicable only upon arrival in the Dominican Republic. If you plan to make multiple trips to the country, it is necessary to complete the form again for each subsequent visit. Each entry to the country requires a new application process.

Feel free to apply if you plan to travel during the following 3 months. The allowed length of stay is until the end of the calendar year.

Where to apply and how to receive the Dominican Republic e-Tickets?

The application process is simple and quick if you have handy the needed information:

  • passport
  • accommodation details
  • flight to and from the Dominican Republic details

The steps to follow:

  1. Start by reviewing the application form. Once you have all the information and a clear understanding of the process, proceed to fill in your personal details accurately.
  2. Proceed to reviewing the provided information. If you have made a mistake, you can easily go back and edit the details.
  3. When you are sure to have provided the correct information, proceed to paying the service fee.

What is the required information on the Dominican Republic e-Ticket application form?

In order to successfully obtain your Dominican Republic e-Tickets, you will have to present the following information:

  • A valid passport: be sure to present a valid travel document.
  • Accommodation details: you will be asked for the name of the hotel or the exact address of the place you are staying at in the Dominican Republic (incl. Province, Municipality, Section).
  • Flight details: for your Arrival e-Ticket you will be asked to provide the airports on your way to the Dominican Republic and the respective flight numbers, airline company and exact date of the flight. For the Departure e-Ticket, again you will have to provide the flight number, the airline company, the airport of departure, and the exact date of leaving the island.
  • Credit or debit card to pay the service fee.

What are the most common mistakes made when completing the Dominican Republic eTickets application form?

Although these may look like mistakes rarely made, most of the travellers heading to the Dominican Republic and applying for the eTickets do the following:

  1. to insert today’s date at the place of the birthdate.
  2. not being sure of the exact name of the home city.
  3. mistake the region or the state with their country.
  4. not being aware of the exact address of stay in the Dominican Republic.

Remember, if in doubts, contact us and we will guide you through he application process.

What is the service fee?

The service fee on is USD 22$. The processing time for delivering the Arrival and Departure e-Tickets is up to 24 hours as of successfully paying the application form on our platform.

You can complete the application for your eTicket on the Dominican Republic government-led website free of charge.

What to expect after completing and paying the application?

Once your application is successfully submitted, you will receive two QR Codes from us – the Arrival and Departure Dominican Republic eTickets. As we will contact you by email only, it is important tp check your inbox as well as the Bulk/Spam folders regularly.

By email you will not only receive the approved eTickets. This is how we will contact you in case we need additional information from you.

Once your personal QR Codes received, keep the files to a mobile device and print a hard copy to present it upon arrival at the port of entry of the Dominican Republic.

Whom to contact in case of further questions?

If you have questions, need help, or any clarification regarding the Dominican Republic eTickets, you can get in touch with us either using the contact form on the website or by writing us directly at