e-Ticket for the Dominican Republic

Apply today for your online travel permit – Dominican e-Ticket

To enter and leave the Dominican Rep.

For Tourism, Business or Medical travel

Approved within several hours


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The e-Ticket is an online document issued by the Dominican government to track the flow of tourists entering and exiting the country.
Every visitor to the Dominican Republic should complete two e-Tickets’ application forms:

  • arrival e-Ticket (for entering the country)
  • departure e-Ticket (for leaving the country)

The Dominican e-Ticket is obligatory and failing to obtain one will either prevent you from entering or exiting the Dominican Republic.

If you already know the date of leaving the country, you can combine your entry and exit declaration in a single application

IMPORTANT: The Dominican e-Ticket is not a visa. If you are a citizen of a country that needs visa to enter the Dominican Republic, you will need to present both e-Ticket and Visa at the port of entry to the Dominican Republic.

The e-Ticket is a travel document that tracks the Dominican Republic entry and exit flows of tourists, guests, and local citizens. Its purpose is to obtain a clear image of the borders’ entries and exits, and to ensure locals and visitors safety.

The Dominican e-Ticket combines three documents in one:

Entry & Exit Document

Health Affidavit

Customs Declaration

It is mandatory for every traveler to the Dominican Republic regardless the purpose of the visit, their nationality, or if holder of a travel visa or not.

The process of obtaining the e-Ticket is through an online application form. Within several hours your personal QR Code will be sent to you by e-mail. Do not forget to save it on your mobile device or keep a print copy of it to show it on request.



Complete the online form

Go to the application page.
Add your personal details: names, email, passport number, occupation.
Choose the arrival/departure date.
Add the local address of stay.


Pay online

Use your debit or credit card to pay the service fee.
Or pay online using your PayPal account.


Receive the e-Ticket

Receive your personal e-Ticket as a QR Code by email.
Store it and be ready to present it upon request of your airline and from the local authorities.

Practical Tips About Filling Out Your E-Ticket for D.R.

It is important to ensure that all travelers entering the country follow the proper procedures. When filling out the application form, please be sure to choose as city you live in, the nearest large city in your state or province.

If you will be staying at a vacation rental, kindly request the host to provide the complete address in Dominican Republic, including province, municipality, and sector.

For families traveling with children, please be aware that children do not need to fill out the Customs section. Only adults are required to complete this section. A single QR code will be generated for the entire family.

Upon completion of the form, you can print or take a screenshot of the arrival and departure confirmation QR codes. If you need to make any changes to the E-TICKET, please consult the application code that was issued when you started filling out the form and make the necessary changes.

Finally, please note that passengers arriving on private flights, non-commercial vessels, ferries, cruise ships, etc., are not required to fill out the E-TICKET. Instead, the physical Customs Declaration and International Embarkation/Disembarkation forms will be accepted for these passengers.


Travelers entering the Dominican Republic must present an e-ticket as of April 1st, 2021. This applies to all eligible travelers regardless of their nationality or country of origin.

The D.R. electronic ticket has been implemented by the Dominican Migration authorities in cooperation with Customs and the Health Ministry, according to national laws number 285-04, 115-17, 72-02 and 226-06.

Requirements for Entering the Dominican Republic with an E-Ticket

The e-ticket must include:

  • Name of traveler(s)
  • Date and time of arrival and of leaving
  • Flight number
  • Airline name
  • Origin and destination airports
  • Flight Ticket details
  • Payment confirmation receipt

It is important to note that travelers must present the same e-ticket used for booking the flight upon entry into the Dominican Republic. Any changes made to the ticket after booking will not be accepted.