Your Ultimate Guide to the E Ticket Dominican Republic

Apply today for your online travel permit Dominican e-Ticket

Your Ultimate Guide to the E Ticket Dominican Republic

Apply today for your online travel permit Dominican e-Ticket

Planning a trip to the Dominican Republic? This no-frills guide simplifies the how and why of the e ticket Dominican Republic, ensuring you’re legally squared away to enjoy the island’s charms. With quick-read steps, you’ll have your e ticket ready without delay or trouble.

The ticket is mandatory for everyone who wants to enter the Dominican Republic. It is issued by the Dominican government to track the entry and exit of visitors to the Dominican Republic.

With one application, travelers will obtain two e-tickets:

IMPORTANT: It’s important to note that the e-Ticket of arrival is not a travel visa. Travelers requiring a traditional visa must always present it in addition to their e-Ticket

Trip Purpose: Vacation, sports, education, cultural events, business.
e-Ticket Validity: Single use. Valid for the whole stay.
Delivery Time: Several hours after successful payment.
Price: USD 56$
Application Process: Online application process. e-Tickets sent via email.

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Entry & Exit Form
Health Affidavit
Customs Declaration


1. Easy & Short Application

On the application page this information is required: email, names, and passport number, flight and accommodation details.

2. Online Secure Payment

Pay with debit or credit card using our secure platform.

3. e-Ticket Sent by Email

Get your e-Tickets under the form of a QR Code directly to your email. Download them so you can show them upon arrival.

Understanding the Dominican Republic E-Ticket

Understanding the Dominican Republic E-Ticket

The introduction of the Dominican Republic E-Ticket has greatly simplified travel to the heart of the Caribbean. This electronic ticket is your golden key to enter and exit the nation’s vibrant cities and serene beaches within its national territory of Punta Cana. Imagine a digital form that combines entry and exit cards, customs declaration forms, and traveler’s health affidavits into one convenient package. Gone are the days of juggling multiple papers; now, all you need is this single travel document to comply with Dominican authorities’ regulations.

The convenience doesn’t end there. The eTicket streamlines your arrival and also contributes to environmental conservation by eliminating the need for physical documents. Whether you’re planning to dance the night away in Santo Domingo or find tranquility in Punta Cana, this e-ticket ensures that your travel documents are as ready as you are for the experience of a lifetime.

The Necessity of the E-Ticket for Entry and Departure

Photo of travelers at the airplane counter

The Dominican E-Ticket comes into play as a critical tool for a smooth transition through immigration, a necessary step for your Dominican journey. The eTicket is more than just a convenience, it’s a mandatory requirement. By integrating key documents, it expedites your entry and secures your departure, ensuring that the General Directorate of Migration, Customs, and Public Health have all they need to process your arrival seamlessly.

Imagine stepping into Punta Cana airport, bypassing lengthy queues, and proceeding to the tropical paradise waiting beyond the airport doors. This is the reality for passengers arriving with a pre-approved E-Ticket, as it significantly reduces waiting times and smooths out the entire process. Not to mention, it’s free of charge and accessible via electronic devices at airline counters, thanks to complimentary Wi-Fi at Dominican airports.

How to Complete Your E-Ticket Application

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A crucial initial step on your Dominican escapade is completing your Dominican E-Ticket application, ensuring you’re prepared to explore the island’s wonders. The process is straightforward: access the official portal, fill out your details, and finalize with a QR code that will accompany you as your digital travel companion.

Accessing the Electronic Ticket Portal

Visiting the official Electronic Ticket portal is the initial move towards a hassle-free Dominican holiday. Accessible via the Punta Cana Ministry of Immigration’s website or through links provided by your airline, the portal is your starting point to obtaining your essential travel document. Rest assured, you’re in the right place when you see the ‘’ domain, a stamp of authenticity for government services in the Dominican Republic.

The Electronic Ticket portal offers the following features:

  • It is readily accessible, regardless of your location or the device you’re using.

  • It has a user-friendly interface available in English and Spanish, allowing you to switch languages with a click.

  • You can fill out your Dominican E-Ticket form on any electronic device, such as a smartphone or laptop.

  • Dominican Republic airports offer free Wi-Fi, so you can complete your travel preparations right before you take off.

Filling Out Personal and Travel Information

When filling out the Dominican E-Ticket, precision is imperative. Your personal details and passport information must mirror your travel document, including your full name, complete address, email, and passport number. Migration and flight details sections will require information such as your occupation, travel dates, and the specifics of your flight, such as the destination airport and airline. Don’t forget to provide an address in the Dominican Republic, demonstrating that you have a place to stay and the financial means to support your visit.

Before hitting the submit button, take a moment to review all the information. Verifying every detail on your E-Ticket form is essential, not just for accuracy but also to safeguard your entry into the country and prevent any hitches in your travel plans. Keep in mind that a digital form required for entry must be accurate and complete, just like an exit form.

Finalizing Your Application

The finishing touch to your Dominican E-Ticket application is obtaining your personal QR code, a digital stamp of approval for your trip to the Dominican Republic. This unique code will be your entry and exit ticket, a barcode that encapsulates all your submitted information and tells the tale of your upcoming adventure in Punta Cana.

It’s crucial to have departure confirmation QR codes readily available: you can print it out, save it on your mobile device, or preferably do both. When you arrive at the Dominican airport or any point of entry, this code will be scanned by immigration officials, confirming that you’ve completed your travel documentation and are ready to dive into the Dominican experience.

All About Family Applications

If you’re traveling with family, the Dominican E-Ticket system accommodates you. A single application can cater to all the family members, up to seven in total, making it a breeze for one user to input the necessary details for everyone. If your family is larger than seven, simply start an additional application for the extra members to receive two QR codes or more.

After completing the online form, a single QR code that represents all the members of your entire group will be generated. This is especially convenient for those traveling to Punta Cana in the same family with children under 18, as they can be included in an adult’s group application without the need for filling an individual form, making it suitable for only adults as well.

The Customs Declaration Form Section of the E-Ticket Form

Fill the E Ticket Form

While you look forward to feeling the warm sand between your toes, bear in mind that adult travelers are required to declare certain items upon arrival in the Dominican Republic. Through the Customs section of the Dominican E-Ticket form, you’ll need to declare if you’re carrying more than $10,000 USD in cash or bringing in taxable items like plants, animals, or foodstuffs.

The good news is, you can bring personal items such as cigarettes, alcohol, and gifts without filling out a physical customs declaration form, as long as they fall within the permitted quantities. Upon landing, the country requires you to simply present your eTicket code to the customs officials, who will verify your declarations and wave you through to your island getaway.

Additional Forms and Requirements

Despite the E-Ticket serving as your primary document for entering the Dominican Republic, a few additional checkpoints should be considered. Your current health status and recent travel history is an additional form part of the application process, ensuring you’re ready for a safe and healthy stay. One such requirement is the traveler’s health affidavit, which helps authorities assess your eligibility for entry.

For those hailing from certain regions, a yellow fever vaccination certificate is necessary, particularly for travelers over one year from Venezuela or certain Brazilian areas. Carrying prescription medications? Keep them in their original packaging with a prescription at hand, and confirm their legality with the Ministry for Public Health.

What to Do If You Encounter Issues

Encountered a hiccup with your E-Ticket? Don’t fret; it’s easily remedied. Should you need to make corrections, you can create a new e-ticket or amend your existing application. Issues with your travel permission? Save it in various formats—printed, PDF, or a photo on your phone—to ensure you have it when needed.

If these steps don’t resolve your issue, the customer service team is ready to assist. They’ll guide you through any additional steps or information needed to ensure your E-Ticket is approved and your travel plans remain on track.

Planning Your Arrival and Departure

With your departure date nearing, ensure your e-Ticket is readily available. Upon check-in at the airline counter, you’ll need to present this code for boarding, and likewise, upon arrival and departure from the Dominican Republic. It’s your digital proof that all is in order, allowing you to avoid delays and start your vacation on the right note.

Each person, whether traveling solo or in a group, must possess their individual entry permissions for a smooth entry and exit process. It’s a simple step that plays a significant role in the efficient processing of travelers by the General Directorate of Migration.

Preparing for Your Trip

Having secured your E-Ticket, you’re just a step away from soaking up the Dominican sun. But first, ensure you have all your travel essentials: a valid passport, round-trip airline tickets, and proof of financial means to support your stay. These documents complement your E-Ticket and are part of the checks for a smooth travel experience.

For U.S. nationals, a valid passport is your ticket to the island, and for Cuban nationals residing in the U.S., an expired Cuban passport can suffice if accompanied by a valid Green Card. With these items checked off your list, you’re all set for departure—no surprises, just the promise of sandy beaches and adventure in Dominican Republic.

Embassy of the United States in the Dominican Republic

Patricia Aguilera

Patricia Aguilera takes up the post of Chargé d’Affaires at the U.S. Embassy in the Dominican Republic.

U.S. Embassy in Santo Domingo

Av. Republica de Colombia 57
Santo Domingo
Dominican Republic

(809) 567-7775


U.S. Embassy Santo Domingo

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Dominican e-Ticket Entry and Exit Points

Punta Cana Airport
Las Américas Airport
G. Luperón International Airport
La Isabela Airport
La Romana Airport
Santiago Airport
Cibao International Airport
María Montez International Airport
San Isidro Air Base

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Yes, an e-ticket is still required for entering the Dominican Republic. Upon arrival, travelers must present their electronic ticket to immigration officials for verification.

You can fill out an Dominican e-ticket as soon as you have your flight information, even months in advance. However, make sure to complete it before arriving at the airport in the Dominican Republic.

In order to have the user fill out the Dominican e-ticket for the Dominican Republic correctly, you can visit the E-Ticket portal and follow the steps to enter your personal data for verification. After completing the process, you will receive two digital tickets with your application code, one of which needs to be shown to the airline in your home country.

Our service offers E-Ticket support in four languages with full support from A-Z. We check your individual documents to avoid any rejection of your application. We also keep you updated update travel restrictions and security alerts. For our 360 degree service we take a service fee of $56 per application. In case your application is rejected or you do not receive your E-Ticket in time before the travel, you can expect a full refund. In case you want to avoid the service fee and don’t need our service in your language, you can apply for the ticket on the government website free of cost.

Yes, you need a permission to leave the Dominican Republic as the airline will ask for it to ensure that the necessary form has been completed before traveling. The digital code will be checked during the migration process.

It’s advisable to have both a printed copy and a digital copy of your ticket on your phone to ensure you have it readily accessible when needed. This will provide a backup in case of any technical issues with your phone or the ticket scanner.